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dream manifestation tea

This beautiful floral tea represents the Eastern pillar of the Native American Medicine Wheel. East is the direction from which the run rises + new days begin. Drink this tea as an offering to the Eastern winds for the courage + guidance to cultivate your most meaningful dreams.

Our Directions Collection, most simply, correlates with the pillars of the Native American Medicine Wheel: East, South, West, North + the additional directions - Above, Below + Within. Beginning in the East + flowing in the sunwise direction, we strengthen our mind-body connection + also restore our connection to the earth.

In honor of a truly regenerative system, each tea is made with organic, fair trade + ethically wild harvested herbs + a tree is planted for every tea you bring home. 

Ingredients: Earl Grey, Red Rose Petals, Pink Rose Buds, Lavender, Rose Geranium Oil

90 grams (3.2 ounces) 32 servings

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