Tea Crusted Salmon

have you ever thought of making a "rub" out of tea? it's a delicious way to season your favorite protein dish + impress your guests with the beautiful colors and textures of the tea. 

we have partnered up with integrative holistic nutritionist, torie borrelli, from the vida well to bring you another delicious recipe using neakita tea. this time she awes us with a tea crusted salmon dish using our bedouin egyptian smoked tea.


·      2 filets of salmon (4-6 ounces) wild caught fish

·      2 T loose leaf tea bedouin rub

·      1 T avocado oil

·      ½ lemon

·      1 tsp himalyean salt


1. in a spice grinder, or blender, grind tea.

2. rub avocado oil, salt and spices on fish.

3. top with lemon slice.

4. bake at 450 degrees for 10-12 minutes.