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A neakita is a Native American wild rose - white, with five petals + a golden center. As legend goes, where a mother’s tear hits the earth this wild rose will grow - a sign from the Great One to give her strength + remind her of all the beauty that is still left in the world. I share this story with you, because this is analogous to the ethos of NEAKITA.

Through the ritual of sipping these healing teas, we slow down + restore our connection to the earth. This connection is a sweet reminder that even on the most stressful of days, the world is full of beauty worth experiencing.

In honor of a truly regenerative system, a tree is planted for every purchase you make + we only use the finest ingredients the earth has to offer - organic, fair trade + ethically wild harvested.

Please enjoy.

From my heart to yours,

Hannah Marie Mills
Tea Artisan
Owner of NEAKITA

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 Photo by  Kristine Lo

Photo by Kristine Lo