neakita (Nee-ah-kee-tah)

As legend goes a neakita is a Native American wild rose, white with five petals and a golden center. Where a mother's tear hits the earth this wild rose will grow - a sign from The Great One reminding her of her strength and beauty. Today thousands of neakitas grow on the Trail of Tears as a reminder of the past and a symbol of hope for the future.


Tea with a purpose

We believe in healing the earth, our bodies and our communities. 



Each blend has been lovingly designed using ancient remedies to heal your body from modern day ailments by creating a sense of balance within.




We use 100% organic, fair-trade & ethically wild harvested herbs to respect our earth and it's inhabitants.




With each purchase we donate to the Native American Choctaw Tribe to provide women + children refuge from domestic violence.

A COpper love affair

Our Copper Drinking Vessels are the most stylish way to drink water we think. And the health benefits are a perk too. Antibacterial and aiding in the absorption of micronutrients, drinking from copper has been practiced in Asia for thousands of years. We have simply taken this ancient knowledge and applied it to modern living - and we have made it look pretty good too. They will age beautifully and patina and mind to never drink hot liquids from copper, just room temp or cold. 

ThE woman behind the blends

Neakita is the love child of Hannah Marie Mills, a Choctaw - Cherokee living in the modern day world. Once an international winemaker and today a holistic health practitioner, she combines flavor and function effortlessly. With Hannah's refined palette and vast knowledge of ancient healing remedies, she has handcrafted each blend to delight the tastebuds, heal the body and sooth the soul.