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Inspired by the ancient healing pracitices of our ancestors, NEAKITA offers unique tea blends designed for radiant health, sensual indulgence + complete vitality.



Every ingredient included in these restorative blends is present for it’s specific curative properties, making every flower, leaf + root an essential contribution. The outcome is pure, wonderfully potent + highly effective tea blends that are a rarity to find.

With sustainability + ethics on the forefront of my mind, I have sourced only the finest raw elements the earth has to offer. Each blend is composed of organic, fair-trade + ethically wild harvested herbs.

The NEAKITA Collections were created to evoke pleasure + create an escape from the busy lives we live. Once an international winemaker + today a holistic health practitioner, I have meticulously designed each blend for it's harmoniously intoxicating flavor + therapeutic function.

Please enjoy.

From my heart to yours,

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Tea Artisan
Owner of NEAKITA


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